Who are the books for?

The Rainbow Guitar and Rainbow Ukulele books are aimed at young beginners and improvers who are learning to read the notes on the stave at the same time as they learn the instrument.

Reading the stave takes up a lot of mental space in the early stages, and it is all too easy for the pupil to become overloaded – which can result in slow progress and quick loss of motivation!  For this reason many teachers prefer to use more concrete, visual systems to begin with – such as tablature or fingerboard diagrams. However, though these systems have many uses, they can also place limitations on the pupil’s musical understanding. And because they are specific to a single instrument, they do not help much when we want to communicate with other musicians.

The colour-note system used in the Rainbow books offers the best of both worlds – you can see at a single glance how the notes lie on the stave, and how they lie on the instrument.