Flashcards rock!

The Rainbow Guitar books give you a simple, powerful strategy to help with those early stages of note reading on the guitar. But pupils move on, and sooner or later you are going to need some new strategies. In order to access other guitar books, and the wider world of guitar music, learners will need to get used to reading those plain old black notes sooner or later.

The new Rainbow Guitar Note Flashcards offer a fun and flexible way

of training this skill!

  • available from this site as a free print-your-own download or as a ready-printed and laminated set
  • featuring all the notes in first position on the guitar (including sharps and flats)
  • each note shown both in black and white and in its Rainbow Guitar colour
  • accompanied by a special set of Teacher’s Notes with lots of ideas for games and activities at different levels

Enjoy! As ever, any feedback gratefully received …