Rainbow Ukulele classroom resources

I do hope you will feel like trying some of these out in the classroom! Do let me know how your class gets on  …

They are listed in rough order of difficulty. Click on the titles to view/download.

London Bridge is Falling Down

Resource-graphicA classroom activity for the very 1st lesson, accompanying the classic song with just two open strings. No knowledge of stave notation required.


Ukulele Tango

Resource-graphicThis enjoyable beginners’ piece can be played solo or by a whole class, using open strings only and a simple rhythm pattern. There is also an arrangement for four groups of players in harmony.

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Lazy Afternoon

Resource-graphicA beginner-class piece with a chilled Latin feel. Pupils learn a simple rhythm by ear and repeat it on each open string. No knowledge of stave notation required.

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Ukulele Swing

Resource-graphicThis tune has a bouncy jazz feel with very simple rhythms using almost all open strings. No knowledge of stave notation required.

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 Ukulele Atmosphere

Resource-graphicAn unusual and funky setting for the famous “My Dog Has Fleas” sequence of open string notes on the ukulele. Can be taught by ear and mastered by a beginner class in a couple of sessions.

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Resource-graphicA firm favourite arranged for 2 groups of ukulele players. Group 1 has the melody while Group 2 plays an open string part. For concert performance there is an optional intro and ending with layers of ostinatos. No knowledge of stave notation required.

Ukulele Fanfare

Resource-graphicA rousing class performance piece for two groups of players. The melody uses notes CDEFGA, the 2nd part is open strings only. If you like, a 3rd group can strum along with C, F and G7 chords.

Where the waters flow

Resource-graphicWith a big nod to the traditional American song “Banks of the Ohio”,  this is a very simple call-and-response piece which works well in a classroom setting. Plenty of open strings, and the chords are just C, Am, F, G7..

Soaring High

Resource-graphicWith a South American flavour and the deepest of bows to “El Condor Pasa”. Plenty of open strings and chords of C, Am, F. With a simple insistent rhythm, this is easy to teach and sounds great with half the class strumming and the other half taking the tune.

Island Song

Resource-graphicA simple atmospheric strumming piece with a flexible arrangement which works well in the classroom. Uses simple chords of C, Am, F and G7 and slow chord changes throughout – no “sudden surprises” to floor the novice player!

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