Now available on Noteflight Learn!

In 2020, the music teaching world was turned upside down by the COVID pandemic. Remote teaching has become very widespread, and everyone has got used to practising music in front of a screen rather than in front of a music stand.

In response to this, all the material in the Rainbow Ukulele and Rainbow Guitar books is now available electronically, via a powerful online learning system called Noteflight Learn. Contact Ringing Strings Publications to get access, either as a teacher or as a pupil.

It’s the perfect format for distance learning

  • The pupil can access the music on any device with an internet connection – no extra software required.
  • It works very well in conjunction with Zoom lessons – the teacher can share screen, highlight or loop particular notes or bars, etc. It’s like a musical whiteboard!
  • When working by themselves, pupils can press the Play button if they wish to hear the piece as well as see it.
  • Many of the files are synced with video performances of the pieces.
  • Pupils can record their own performances and teacher can comment remotely.

It’s extremely flexible

  • The appearance of the music can be adjusted – for example all the pieces are in full Rainbow colours, but the pupil or teacher can switch the colours off as the pupil progresses.
  • Extra features such as chord symbols, ensemble parts and tablature can be shown or hidden according to need.
  • When listening, pupils can control the speed of the playback and also control which parts they hear.

There’s far more material than in the books

  • Masses of extra material has been added at every level, including ensembles and duets for teacher and pupil.
  • Theory explanations are more detailed than in the books, and there is a theory test at every level.
  • And new material is being developed constantly!