Rainbow Guitar Book 1 extras

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The Rainbow Guitar Black and White Tunebook


A selection of 16 tunes (some original, some old classics) which introduce the notes in the same order as they appear in Rainbow Guitar – starting with open strings D, G and B – but without the colours!  Provides extra repertoire and practice in reading ordinary black notes.

ABC Jazz

Resource-graphicSuper-simple but fun – all you need is the notes A, B, and C to play this swing jazz tune. For pupils around p20 of Rainbow Guitar. There are also some suggestions for embellishing and improvising.

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Fruit Salad

CariResource-graphicbbean fun, with the guitar imitating the sound of the 3-string “tres” – with lyrics to make it easy to learn the rhythm aurally. Will be enjoyed by any pupil coming towards the end of the 1st Rainbow Guitar book. Includes EZ accompaniment part and chord symbols.

Kerry Polka


An infectious Irish traditional tune for a pupil coming towards the end of Rainbow Guitar Book 1. Uses notes DEGABD. With EZ accompaniment.

Rainbow Blues

Resource-graphicShould satisfy the rocker inside any pupil who has reached at least p17 in Rainbow Guitar Book 1. The theme uses notes DEGAB – with plenty of suggestions for improvising and embellishing with any of the Rainbow Guitar notes.

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The Last Post

The fResource-graphicamous traditional bugle call, for a single guitar. Mostly open strings plus a simple workout for the 3rd finger. All the notes apart from one (bottom G) are in Rainbow Guitar Book 1.

Three Note Ballad


You just need to know the notes G, A and B to play this simple, slow country-rock theme. Could be played by a pupil from p12 onwards.  There are plenty of ideas for improvising and embellishing as well, using a larger range of notes if you know them.

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Two Carols


For Christmas concerts, here are 2 ancient tunes from the Oxford Book of Carols: “Gloucestershire Wassail” (DEGABCD) and “In Bethlehem that fair city” (GABCD). Enjoy them as as solos or use the EZ accompaniments to turn them into group pieces.