The right hand in “Rainbow Guitar”

In my own teaching, I use a variety of approaches to the right hand – as my pupils have quite a range of backgrounds and needs. But when I wrote the Rainbow Guitar book,  I had to decide on a specific approach to the right hand for young beginners, and in the end I chose an approach which I had seen in some older tutor books, particularly in Germany and Switzerland. This involves starting with “thumb only” and sticking to this single right hand technique while the basic fingerboard knowledge and solfeggio are being absorbed. Then the index, middle and ring fingers are introduced – one by one and using the free stroke initially.

I think there is a place for a contemporary tutor book which uses this approach. One big advantage is that the resulting plucking style is universal to all kinds of guitar playing. It allows the pupil to learn and explore the instrument without having to take a specifically classical or non-classical path from the outset.