What is the approach to the right hand?

In general, the Rainbow books aim to be as flexible and universal as possible with regard to the right hand. In a nutshell:

  • all the music in Book 1 can be plucked using just the thumb, with fingertips resting on string 1
  • Book 2 deals with finger plucking and various combinations of thumb and fingers
  • the books are designed so that teachers can teach these techniques in a different order, or in parallel with each other

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How do the books fit in with grade tests?

(It’s important to point out that the music for any grade test will be printed in black and white, so pupils will need to have made the transition to reading notes without colours. Check out the Rainbow Guitar Black and White Tunebook #1 and #2).

Here is a list of some of the guitar syllabuses available in the UK, and a rough idea of where the Rainbow Guitar books fit in: Continue reading