What about playing with a plectrum?

Generally the books are just as applicable to a plectrum pupil as to a fingerstyle pupil. All the pieces from Book 1, and almost all the pieces in Book 2, can be played just as well with a flat pick as with thumb and fingers.

Some ukulele players also use a soft, thick plectrum – usually made of felt – for strumming. These can be very useful in the early stages, especially for faster down-and-up strumming.

Ukulele grades

(It’s important to point out that the music for a grade test will be printed in black and white, so pupils will need to have made the transition to reading notes without colours. Check out the Rainbow Ukulele Black and White Tunebook #1 and #2).

The ukulele is still something of a newcomer on the music education scene, but yes, there are grade tests for ukulele! Several of the smaller exam boards have developed their own syllabuses. Here are some more details and links, and some idea of how the Rainbow Ukulele books fit in.  Continue reading