By Hugh Boyde. Illustrations and layout by Kate Molloy.


Rainbow GuitarThe pupil learns simple song accompaniments and melodies, on strings 2, 3, and 4.  Starting with open strings, the book gradually builds up a range of 7 notes: D, E, G, A, B, C, D. All the music can be plucked with the thumb, but other right hand styles will work just as well, including playing with a pick. Price £8.99 + postage.

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RG2 cover imageIn Book 2, pupils learn to play up to the 3rd fret on all six strings. Right hand technique is developed further, using fingers and thumb in various combinations. The book provides a mixture of melodic and chordal playing, and allows the teacher to take a number of different paths through the material. Also suitable for plectrum playing. Price £9.99 + postage.

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Rainbow Ukulele
The first book focusses on plucking simple melodies on all four strings. Pupils begin with open-string tunes and songs, and the left hand is introduced gradually to give a range of one octave from middle C.

The book also features lots of easy accompaniment parts and beginner chord symbols are included throughout. Price £8.99 + postage.

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9780957350335In Book 2, pupils learn the most important sharp and flat notes, and play in a variety of keys. Some of the songs and tunes also include higher notes and position shifting up to the 8th fret. The 2nd section of the book deals with the right hand: plucking and strumming with combinations of fingers and thumb. Price £9.99 + postage.

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